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Carry on regardless

None of us need reminding of the uncertainty and possibly the fear associated with the current Brexit situation. Being involved on a day-to-day basis with commercial property agency, I am fortunate enough to meet with a wide sector of businesspeople involved in manufacturing and in the commercial sector, this often results in a general discussion about Brexit and the possible way forward.

It is apparent that many companies have decided that as the powers that be at Westminster have not been able to provide a clear pathway, that they must simply “Carry on Regardless” with business. It is, however, fair to comment that there is more trepidation with companies involved in day-to-day trade throughout the European Union.

It is arguable that similarities could be drawn with the onset of the financial crisis that hit us all in 2008, when many of us will remember a situation at management level of “Well folks, what do we do now?”

It is interesting that some companies decided to very much sit on their hands, whilst others chose to take a more positive approach when all is negative as it is a danger that an excellent opportunity could be missed.

I recently attended a Blackburn Business Professionals event where the lead speaker was a Mr Tony Grimshaw OBE of What More UK. He provided the audience with an interesting and somewhat humorous overview of the first Board meeting when the financial crisis had hit the world in 2008. The build up to the Board meeting had been met with nervous anticipation, only for the Managing Director, Mr Andy Holt, who many will know as the owner of Accrington Stanley Football Club, decided that it was an opportune time to invest £5 million in new plant and machinery. Board members were flabbergasted but I suppose the proof has been in the eating of the pudding as What More UK is now reaping the benefits at the expense of its competitors and continues to progress. This is due to the positive approach adopted when others were taking a more cautious stance.

Let’s hope for more of the same whilst we await the outcome of the ongoing negotiations with the European Union.

Added: 28/03/2019

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